Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Is she the One?

The puzzle keeps following me day in day out,
senses gone bizzare under perpetual clout.
Thoughts revisiting with a spare of intended pun,
No respite for me, I still wonder 'Is she the One?'

Hate my self for the war i have plunged into,
hanging by the fate to give me a clue or two.
Like the wasted powder out of a mis fired gun,
keep raking my head to know 'Is she the One?'

Known her since time immemorial, well i think so,
her smile works like a syrup for my every woe.
Still at times eyes go blind, as if looking into the sun,
These are the times when I wonder 'Is she the One?'

Deep down it is known, the very question is faux,
say what she means to me next time we take a walk.
Fear of loss is what i dread most and try to shun,
should be asking my self does she wanna be the One?


Ford Perfect said...

Lage Raho...this is good stuff dude

DD said...

Good Writing yaar

Shashank said...

Orange...I have started liking the colour too.

Shashank said...
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Chakshu said...


Harshpreet Singh Sherry said...

@ford: Thanks Man

@ DD : Thanks, :)

@ Jaat : Welcome to the club dude ..

@ CC : heheh thanks Veere

Isha said...

this ones straight frm the heart huh? mine too..awesome!

Swati said...

who is she??

Roshni said...

Know exactly how this damn feeling can drive one insane !!!