Saturday, June 03, 2006

The Real Nation Builders

Yesterday, I went to Indira Gandhi International Airport for the first time in my life,I know that isn't that strange though. Let me take my first line as a horrible attempt to catch the attention of reader.

Yesterday we went to see off Amit for his On-site schedule of the project. He was accompanied by another guy Amit ( I guess a co-incidence) from same project. Both the guys were accompanied by their families. MNC's like TCS which give youngsters the opportunity and exposure, by providing every one a common platform. No matter where you obtained your primary secondary or engineering education from.

What I felt was that these MNC's are the real nation builders.Be it TCS, Infosys, Wipro or any X Y Z, these companies have the highest penetration into the lower strata ( economically as well socially). Though I have no concrete data and evidence to prove this, but the scale at which these companies recruit from regional colleges is immense.

Additionally BPO industry is the biggest savior. Thousand of fresh graduates who used to waste their time looking for jobs, and even get exploited many a times, now have a good environment to work and development. Most importantly they get time to think, " What next"

So all the politicians from Arjun singh to V.P. Singh are of no use to this country. India needs more of Service industry setups, more BPO's and core engineering out sourced from developed nations to be on a faster track. But I shall not forget the most important issue, i.e. " Basic Primary Education" for all.

One solution to this can be tell TCS to set up Primary schools in 'n' number of rural areas as a part of its social responsibility, and all these investments can avail tax exemptions. Because out of every 1 Rs. We pay as tax, I am not sure even if 50 paise reach the grass root level.

So its high time our policy makers do some " out of box" thinking.

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DD said...

Hi harry, I think the idea u have given is really great, if corporate world will take the responsibilty of the nation, we can also achieve the consistent growth rate of above 8%.Otherwise these polticians will take the whole wealth into their pockets.