Monday, December 29, 2008

Second Chance

Turn back time, cannot, still day dreaming,
mend the thorns and make her sing and dance.
Memories of times, frequent, but so haunting,
Hope I don't hope in vain for the second chance.

Friday, March 09, 2007

Just a Thought

The colors are beautiful, sooth and bright,
what would they be in absence of light.

The light is what gives them identity,
so clear, so pious and a perfect intensity.

It seems the dark has engulfed life all around,
for I also have colors and no one has found.

Wait for that light to come and make me shine,
may be it passed by and I didn't know it was mine.

-----incomplete--- sorry again----

Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Same thought

Same thought,
Is it me?
Is it her?
Is it them?

The blame game,
Must be me,
It has to be,
Nothing else fits.

The usual story,
the destiny.

No idea at all,
rise or the fall,
brains stall,
still wait that call.

Thursday, December 28, 2006

Two liners

I aint need no grape extract,
when your eyes do the noble act.

For desire of heat, I dance around fire,
Burns my skin but not my desire.

Na chhed meri hasti nu uss beeti zindagi de vaang,
kite main tennu zindagi hi na samajh baithan.
(i.e. in punjabi)


Hath lagane ki sochte ho,
ye to dawa lagane pe dard dete hain.

Ye ishq ke ghaav hain zalim,
zikr bhar mein jaan lete hain.
(of course this is a stolen concept .. shiv kumar batalvi)


Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Is she the One?

The puzzle keeps following me day in day out,
senses gone bizzare under perpetual clout.
Thoughts revisiting with a spare of intended pun,
No respite for me, I still wonder 'Is she the One?'

Hate my self for the war i have plunged into,
hanging by the fate to give me a clue or two.
Like the wasted powder out of a mis fired gun,
keep raking my head to know 'Is she the One?'

Known her since time immemorial, well i think so,
her smile works like a syrup for my every woe.
Still at times eyes go blind, as if looking into the sun,
These are the times when I wonder 'Is she the One?'

Deep down it is known, the very question is faux,
say what she means to me next time we take a walk.
Fear of loss is what i dread most and try to shun,
should be asking my self does she wanna be the One?

Saturday, July 22, 2006

Will never be the same

Is it turn of fate or was is destined to be,
whatever the case, i am no longer me.

The facts surmised were vague and faux-ed,
made me concieve my behaviour was vexed.

The me has departed with the past,
or at least trying to die soon and fast.

The time shall witness return of I,
the only fear is that sedative eye.

The angel says 'me' is afraid to accept,
Me hangs on and on for any hope left.

Wednesday, June 28, 2006


Scrambled, hotch-potch, haywire, out of control,
The words keep haunting my head and soul.

Shall I see it as my failure in all aspects,
or just a realization of simple plain facts.

Every sphere every dimension et al,
Time is against and smell is fatal.

No idea even if these thoughts are mine,
But keep coming back every eve at nine.

( I wasnot able to complete this..........may be some other day)

Sunday, June 04, 2006

Hold Back Those Feelings

The thoughts fiddling among themselves,
All I get is more questions, no answers.

The brain and heart, a piece a side,
None is ready to bend or yield.

One sees it so crystal clear and tells me
"Mad Idea", u know what in the end it would be.

Other says, so beautiful so sweet so shy,
pretty damsel should get a diligent try.

Over the time have learnt it hard or easy,
Her smile is all it takes to make the air breezy.

Now confounding emotions all in my hollow head,
I wish I am able to carry these till my death bed.

Saturday, June 03, 2006

The Real Nation Builders

Yesterday, I went to Indira Gandhi International Airport for the first time in my life,I know that isn't that strange though. Let me take my first line as a horrible attempt to catch the attention of reader.

Yesterday we went to see off Amit for his On-site schedule of the project. He was accompanied by another guy Amit ( I guess a co-incidence) from same project. Both the guys were accompanied by their families. MNC's like TCS which give youngsters the opportunity and exposure, by providing every one a common platform. No matter where you obtained your primary secondary or engineering education from.

What I felt was that these MNC's are the real nation builders.Be it TCS, Infosys, Wipro or any X Y Z, these companies have the highest penetration into the lower strata ( economically as well socially). Though I have no concrete data and evidence to prove this, but the scale at which these companies recruit from regional colleges is immense.

Additionally BPO industry is the biggest savior. Thousand of fresh graduates who used to waste their time looking for jobs, and even get exploited many a times, now have a good environment to work and development. Most importantly they get time to think, " What next"

So all the politicians from Arjun singh to V.P. Singh are of no use to this country. India needs more of Service industry setups, more BPO's and core engineering out sourced from developed nations to be on a faster track. But I shall not forget the most important issue, i.e. " Basic Primary Education" for all.

One solution to this can be tell TCS to set up Primary schools in 'n' number of rural areas as a part of its social responsibility, and all these investments can avail tax exemptions. Because out of every 1 Rs. We pay as tax, I am not sure even if 50 paise reach the grass root level.

So its high time our policy makers do some " out of box" thinking.