Saturday, July 22, 2006

Will never be the same

Is it turn of fate or was is destined to be,
whatever the case, i am no longer me.

The facts surmised were vague and faux-ed,
made me concieve my behaviour was vexed.

The me has departed with the past,
or at least trying to die soon and fast.

The time shall witness return of I,
the only fear is that sedative eye.

The angel says 'me' is afraid to accept,
Me hangs on and on for any hope left.


Chakshu said...

You surly need a DARU break

DD said...

Hi Sharry,
Ur this poem reminds of one hindi movie song of Daddy movie 'Aaina mujse meri pehle si surat mange, mere ane mere hone ki nishani mange',
But yes the words u have used r original & very nice .
But i didnt understand why r u seraching for urself

Aks said...

WOw....that was a beautifully expressed feeling...
got ur link from ur comment on my blog....
glad to find such a good writer....