Sunday, June 04, 2006

Hold Back Those Feelings

The thoughts fiddling among themselves,
All I get is more questions, no answers.

The brain and heart, a piece a side,
None is ready to bend or yield.

One sees it so crystal clear and tells me
"Mad Idea", u know what in the end it would be.

Other says, so beautiful so sweet so shy,
pretty damsel should get a diligent try.

Over the time have learnt it hard or easy,
Her smile is all it takes to make the air breezy.

Now confounding emotions all in my hollow head,
I wish I am able to carry these till my death bed.


Shashank said...

mast sardar.. khud likhe!

Chakshu said...

Last two lines were awesome stuff.... Whatever is the case... there is a hidden poet inside you...

pallavi phor said...

hey harsh i dint no u cud rite dat well...hmm smthing fishy!!!???
(dis time is on ur side...###)

Roshni said...

Well..i guess..its just thoughts and memories which haunt us..and refuse to leave even after when our soul decides to leae our body.